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JoJo Tea Twitter (@jojotea305)

  • ( Panther Coffee) keep your eyes open for a beautiful tea program with friends at panther coffee ,
  • every time I see anybody over 80 just driving along... windows down, smoking a cigarette... I don't know, I fall in love or something ,
  • happy fridays, friends... got a tasting at Ortanique on the Mile today! Have a good weekend... ,
  • Fresh Thai tea arrived... Get excited.. It'll soon be available at 50 eggs' khong river house. ,

About JoJo


JoJo Tea


To improve health, to stimulate creativity, and to energize the intellect.


JoJo tea provides a natural, smooth, consistent tea experience. Our tea is purchased from established, reputable farms around the world.  Our strict, methodical importing discipline assures our customers a consistency of tea flavors with every cup brewed.  We are also proud to distribute Smith Teamakers, whose masterful blends are prepared from the best ingredients in the world; gathered from the finest farms, and harvested at their peaks.  From the mind behind Tazo Teas, Smith Teamakers is on its way to becoming an American icon, and a world favorite.  


What We Stand For:


Each cup of JoJo Tea is a naturally enjoyable, smooth, consistent experience.


The quality of JoJo Tea represents the exponential wave of development in American tea culture.


We guarantee honesty and integrity in every product, and clear, appropriate discipline in every exchange.

Joyful Effort

We encourage a focused, energetic, and creative lifestyle for all of our constituents.


JoJo Tea strives to provide peace of mind to our employees, customers, and suppliers by maintaining our core values in everything we do.